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Athens, Ohio 0 comments

after watching infomercial on tv for Richard Simons Hope project and then going first by phone and then by on-line access as directed I found myself "locked" into prolonged interaction with electronic voice asking yes and no questions almost all of which would have left me with additional charges way and above those initially quoted on TV as well as by telephone.When I tried to cancel the order which I had charged to my AMEX account at the beginning of the interaction all that I could get from the infomercial people was that I should call or contact customer service which I subequently tried as directed and again got caught up in an electronic voice set of directions and questions and then disconnected.

I will make every attempt to cancel the program if I am in fact charged for it and will seek Amex assistance whch has always been helul.I absolutely recommend that buyer beware and simply do not place an order to the Simmons product.

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Richard Simmons Hope -

Tampa, Florida 3 comments

I tried ordering this product over the weekend, but by the end of the call the price had ballooned from 29.97 to 52.97 plus additional billing I asked the customer service rep to cancel the order obviously she did not and they have billed my account and shipped unwanted items.No one would help what makes the whole thing more annoying is that she entered it as my having placed the order through an automated systee.

As good as SIRI is I do not think we have mastered the technology where the machine can have such a lively and detailed conversation with an automated system. No one there is willing to credit my account until I have paid money to return an item I asked them not to send. Something is very wrong with this picture because the person taking your order cannot cancel at the same time you are placing it. How can that be acceptable?

I do not want the product not even if it is free.Please credit my account and do it now.

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Hallandale Beach, Florida, United States #709603

It just happened to me !Richard Simmons Infomertial is a trap !

try to cancel no human voice and disconnect !help

to liz #750244

The exact same thing happened to me and they are not there on the weekends to answer!

to Dumb #770943

I'm simply going to ship back the product they sent me that I didn't order & let them know I plan on reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission, The US Postal Inspector's office, the BBB & any other organization I can think of - unless they refund me all charges for unwanted product AND shipping charges. I suggest you do the same! Good luck!

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